Who We Are & What We Do

Jupiter Rubber Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated in the year 1960 having its registered office at Block-A, House No-6, New Alipore, Kolkata- 700053.

The Company has been manufacturing high class polymer based products, using State of Art German Plant &Machinery. It has been improving its processes and work environment through employee participation and strict adherence to business ethics. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards.

  • We Coat Fabrics
  • We Laminate
  • We Fabricate our coated products
  • We Customise products
  • vison

    To be the most respected name in the market place, when it comes to Quality Commitment and Value for all our products.

  • mission

    To foster and nurture a mutually beneficially relationship among the organization, its employees, its customers & the society, leading to advancement, enhancement and development for all the stake holders.

What We Do

Direct Coating :

The simplest coating procedure is the direct method, also known as ‘Knife over Air Technique’, where the fabric is stretched flat to form and even uniform surface and is transported under a stationery doctor blade. The amount of polymer applied varies as per the specification. This kind of coating is generally used to manufacture various types of PU Coated Fabrics.

Our Capability: Four Station 2.2 Meter Air Knife with corresponding Heating Chambers.

Hot Melt Extrusion Coating :

This method is generally used for thermo plastic polymers, which are applied by feeding granules of the material into the extruder. This type of coating is used to produce light weight coverings or tarpaulins etc.

Our Capability: German Extruder with three Roll calendar attachments (64 inches)

Calendar Coating :

Calendars are primarily used to produce unsupported films of PVC and Rubber from compounded polymers ‘dough’.Calendars consist of number of massive rollers, in various configurations, which rotate to crush the dough and smoothen it into films of uniform thickness. This type of coating is used to manufacture Rubberised Fabrics and PVC Sheets.

Our Capability: Four Roll PVC 64 inches Inverted L German Calendar and a three roll (Nippon – Japan) rubber calendar.

Transfer Coating :

The principal of transfer coating is first to spread the polymer on to release paper to form film and then to laminate this film into the fabric. The process involves coating the resin on transfer paper and evaporating the solvent, followed by coating on the second layer, which will be the base layer,followed by laying the fabric on the top of the coating, nipping together, and crosslinking the two layers, and finally peeling the coated fabric of the release paper This type of coating is more often used to manufacture PVC coated fabric (Artificial Leather).

Our Capability: Four station 2.2 meters width coating plant, having online embossing facility