Rubberised Fabrics

We coat both natural and synthetic rubber with varying thickness (2 microns – 20 microns) and varying colors. The coatings can be done on either one side or both side of the fabric as per requirement. Such coated fabrics have the following features:

  • Weather, Oil and temperature resistant
  • Available in attractive colors, textures
  • Low maintenance

Fabrics of various blends are coated with nitrile, chloroprene, silicone, NR, SBR, butyle, epdm, and other blended polymers depending upon its end use. It has wide application in areas of

  • Medical / hospital
  • Defense, aviation, marine etc
  • Water proof fabrics
  • Rubber-sheet
  • Rubber-sheet2
  • Rubber-sheet3
  • Rubber-sheet4