We believe that world is changing and evolving time and again. Accordingly, we strive to adapt to such changes. In this regard, we have established a polymer product processing support system that includes compounding, coating and calendaring on a lab scale. Our team performs research, product and process development to translate market needs into new products.

Our R&D primarily performs the following functions:

  • Market Study and Research: Observing the environment and analyzing the new threats and challenges.
  • Trouble Shooting: Finding possible solutions using different polymer fabric combinations and extrapolating the results through a series of computer simulations.
  • Selection and Fine Tuning: Selecting the optimum solution and fine tuning it to suit our customer needs in a cost effective and environment friendly manner.

Our R&D infrastructure comprises the following equipment’s:

  • Laboratory Coating Machine
  • Laboratory 4 roll Calendar
  • Laboratory Triple Roll Mill
  • A well equipped Laboratory